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  • Taboo (Week 2)

     (Week 2)

    August 20: Drunkenness (Part 2)


    Spirit vs spirits. Paul talks about the two ways to find excitement, joy, etc. - to be filled with the Spirit or to get drunk on beer, wine, and spirits. As Paul explains in Ephesians 6, these two paths affect marriage, children, work, and spiritual warfare.

  • Taboo (Week 1)

     (Week 1)

    August 13: Drunkenness (Part 1)


    Appleton was recently named the drunkest city in America...and many Appleton residents smiled proudly. Like fish who don't realize what water is, we in Wisconsin don't realize how abnormal our drinking habits are. Or how destructive. This message will introduce our people to our problem, share God's wisdom about honoring God with what we drink, and provide a better buzz in the pleasure of knowing Christ as Lord.

  • Vintage: Changing Times. Changeless God. (Week 10)

    Vintage: Changing Times. Changeless God.
     (Week 10)

    (A Study on the Book of Romans)

    August 6: Adiaphora


    Why do church people chip away at each other? Why is everything an argument—from the song selection to the color of the carpet? How can we get back to the unity and love that Jesus intended for his church? Romans ends with an urgent encouragement to seek peace with those who call upon Jesus’ name.

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