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  • Politically Incorrect (Week 3)

    Politically Incorrect (Week 3)

    (Correcting "Christian" Views About Church & State)

    May 21: Love Across The Aisle


    Christians today are sadly known as pouty, political, prudish people. Our approach to rapidly changing culture has often driven away those who might be curious about Christianity. Peter gives us much needed wisdom in his first epistle. Silence foolish talk! How? By doing good. By honoring the king. By submitting to authority.

  • Politically Incorrect (Week 2)

    Politically Incorrect (Week 2)

    (Correcting "Christian" Views About Church & State)

    May 14: Dealing With The Politically Incorrect


    There are times when a Christian should stand up against the state. That’s what the three men in the fiery furnace did. They didn’t know if God would physically save them, but they knew there was only one God (and the king wasn’t him). In the same way, God is calling us to stand humbly yet boldly on is promises, trusting Christ can rescue us physically and will always rescue us eternally.

  • Politically Incorrect (Week 1)

    Politically Incorrect (Week 1)

    (Correcting "Christian" Views About Church & State)

    May 7:  God's View of Church & State  

    God has given the Christian church a drastically different role than the government. When these roles are confused, society falls apart…and God gets a bad name. This message seeks to restore a biblical view of the roles of church and state.

  • WDJD? (What Did Jesus Do?) (2nd Sunday After Easter)

    WDJD? (2nd Sunday After Easter)

    April 30:  Jesus Deals With Doubt  
    Notes / Podcast / Video

    Do you have doubts about God? Does he really exist? Did Jesus really do all the stuff that churches claimed he did? Could God actually forgive me after messing up so much of my life?
    We are not the first people to wrestle with doubts. Jesus’ original followers, the apostles, did too. In this message, we will journey back to the first Easter and see how Jesus deals with doubters.

  • WDJD? (What Did Jesus Do?) (1st Sunday After Easter)

    WDJD? (1st Sunday After Easter)

    April 23:  Jesus Teaches!  
    Notes / Podcast / Video

    Expectations.  We all have them.  Sometimes when our expectations are not met we can become discouraged and frustrated.  That was true for two of Jesus' disciples on Easter Sunday afternoon.  They lamented, "We had hoped that he would be the one who would redeem Israel."  Their expectations of what Jesus would do were misguided.  The reality was, Jesus not only met their expectations but exceeded them.  They eventually understood who Jesus really was and what he had accomplished for them.  Please join us as we savor the Easter news, and how it influences our expectations.

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